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Even though it has not been heavily publicized, the European Ecodesign directive covers a whole array of products and includes electric and fossil fuelled heating equipment. The ecodesign directive is not firmly in place, but is more of a consultation arrangement with the industry. In simple terms, it sets out some mandatory ecological requirements for energy using and energy related products sold across all the EU member states. The aim is to reduce the energy consumption as well as the impact of various pieces of equipment on the environment. In future there will come a day when all the stoves will need to comply with the Ecodesign directive. This includes stove parts and at we would welcome stove glass being included.

Impact on the environment


The modern day wood burning stove is a highly efficient heating machine and there are primary, secondary and tertiary combustion systems available. In the worst case scenario, the wood burning will only release the same amount of CO2 that a tree ingests in its lifetime. So, from a wood burning perspective, there is little more in terms of improvement required in the combustion system. It is in the multi fuel machines that the primary, secondary and tertiary systems come into play. Other types of fuels may create significantly greater CO2 emissions than the burning of dried wood. The ability to burn off these gasses before they reach the flue pipe is critical.

Stoves will become more popular

When you think of the cost of gas and electric and the number of environmentally friendly European directives released so far, this makes stoves only more attractive. These directives already add to the unit cost of the gas and electric which together increase the energy bills in an average home. The higher the energy bills the more attractive the stoves become for any house. Then it all comes down to the cost of the wood and the other fuels that are used, and how many people are actually considering a switch for their heating requirements.

Tougher regulations need to be implemented to protect the environment and enhance the attraction of a modern day wood burning and multi fuel stove.

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