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The answer to this question is a resounding NO.

I am sure some of you are wondering why this is so, this is because for a tree seedling to grow into a tree, it requires CO2 inhaled from the environment. This implies that trees grow as a result of CO2 absorbed or inhaled from the environment and when this tree decomposes or is burnt down, the same quantity of CO2 is emitted into the environment. The intake and emission of CO2 into the environment during the life cycle of a tree is known as the carbon cycle.

It is important to always remember that as you burn trees to produces fuel always ensure new trees are planted to replace the burnt ones. This is done to ensure that the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment remains constant. This explains why wood is considered a source of renewable energy.

Ensure the rate at which trees are burnt equals the rate at which new trees grow, this is because if the amount of trees burnt is less than the number of trees grown, the amount of CO2 found in the atmosphere reduces. At Fast Glass, we like to think we play our part in this cycle when we supply replacement stove glass.  We encourage stove owners to burn wood.

Contrary to popular opinion, growing lots of trees is not a comprehensive solution to global warming. As tree planting alone would not consume enough CO2 to eliminate the problem. 

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So where is the source of heat contained in wood derived from?

Heat is derived from sunlight, it is sunlight that enables photosynthesis to occur. Photosynthesis is the process whereby CO2 gotten from the atmosphere is absorbed to become a part of the tree. This energy is stored in the tree which is released when the tree is burnt.

Ten reasons why you might want to burn wood 

  1. Wood burning is a cheaper source of fuel when compared to other alternatives.
  2. Wood burning is not responsible for global warming
  3. Wood serves as a source of renewable energy
  4. Burning wood could be fun at times
  5. Wood burning frees you from depending on the big suppliers of energy
  6. Burning wood helps to keep you warm during the winter
  7. Heat produced from burning wood could save you a lot of money.
  8. Wood cutting and collection for the purpose of burning is a good form of exercise
  9. Some see burning of wood to be a romantic experience most especially when you cuddle up with a love one.
  10. Wood burning serves as an alternative form of energy most especially in emergency situations.

Quit relying on natural gas, inadequate supply of oil or electricity. Ensure you family and loved ones have a comfortable home with a lovely fitted wood burner. Even your household pets would be appreciative if they could have a fire burning at home.  It’s our advice at to fit a wood burning stove.  We have a supply of stove glass for all makes.

If you need more information on getting and using a wood stove,  ring 0212428929

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