Woodwarm Fireview 9kW – 16kW Stove Glass (512×312 – Plain)



APPLICATION High-temperature heat-resistant ceramic stove glass specifically manufactured to cope with temperatures in excess of 760°C. Suitable for replacing stove glass in: – Multi-fuel Stoves – Wood burning stoves – Fireplaces – Ovens – and other heatproof heat resistant stove glass applications.

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS Ensure suitable Woodwarm stove glass gaskets/seals are replaced before attempting to install replacement Aarrow stove glass on your appliance. Gently finger tighten the screws and washers to hold the stove glass in place.

CARE Care should always be taken when fitting and handling fire glass or stove glass as damage may occur when fitted incorrectly or over tightened. The person fitting the fire glass or stove glass should also take note of best practice procedures from a health and safety point of view.

WARRANTY We take every precaution and effort to deliver you replacement stove glass in a swift and efficient manner. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on Woodwarm replacement stove glass products. At www.fastglass.ie we supply Boru replacement stove glass.


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