Heat Design Ltd Stoves Neo 1 Stove Glass (325×210 – shaped)


Heat Design Ltd Stoves Neo 1 Stove Glass (325×210 – shaped)

Price includes shipping to all parts of Ireland

Price also includes vat.



Heat Design Stove

Stove glass for Heat Design Stove

Order your Replacement stove glass – Heat Design Neo 1 from Fast Glass branded under Heat Design Stove glass. We ship free throughout Ireland. At Fast Glass we take pride in the fact that customers trust us to deliver their stove glass in a fast and efficient manner. We take extreme care to packet your stove glass carefully before we ship it to your corner of Ireland. In case you have any doubts regarding the stove glass you are about to order, feel free to write to us or Call us on 0212428929. Don’t be cold this winter order your stove glass today and you’ll have a fire lighting tomorrow. Great care should be taken when removing old broken stove glass and fitting new stove glass.


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