Asgard 1 Stove Glass (325×275 – Plain)


 Price includes vat.

Free shipping to all areas of Ireland


 At we supply replacement stove glass for all makes of multi-fuel burning stoves. These especially include including the Waterford? Stanley Ashley range. ?We delivered free to all areas of Ireland. ?Including stove glass Mayo, stove glass Dublin, stove glass Fingal. ? Don’t?be cold this winter order today and you’ll have a fire lighting tomorrow.? The stove glass we supply to all areas of Ireland has been manufactured and tested to the highest standards.? When you order your replacement stove glass from our website rest assured you’re receiving?a quality product.

Care when fitting stove glass.

We advise for your own safety you take reasonable care when removing old glass and replacing the new stove glass.? If necessary use sturdy gloves to prevent injury to your hands and other exposed parts of the body.

Disposal of Glass

Extreme caution should be taken when disposing of old stove glass.? At we are extremely environmentally?aware and always encourage the disposal of stove glass in a way that protects the environment.


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