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Giving the season that’s in it we thought it would be a good idea to give outline our version of a fireplace Christmas Garland. You can go down the road of buying a fresh garland or equally as nice an artificial version. The thing about an artificial version you can use over and over again. There are loads of pre-made mantle decorations around, but they don’t always fit your space or price point. Let’s have a go at creating a wonderful garland ourselves from items gathered in the garden

Christmas Fireplace

Fireplace at Christmas

Here is an outline of how to create a beautiful Christmas garland to decorate your Fireplace at Christmas time.

Before we start think safety. Ensure the Garland is firmly anchored on the mantlepiece. Nothing combustible should touch a stove or stove glass.

Step 1: Create a base of Green

Starting off gather greenery from your garden or neighbours. Short stems or branches from coniferous scrubs or tree are ideal. Some ivy holly or other winter greenery make a great base. All these items will have to be held safely together with hidden wire. Make sure it looks bulky with a rustic winter look, some pieces should overhang the mantlepiece to give a natural look. This will frame your wood burner stove nicely. Of course, as stated if you haven’t got access to fresh greenery or the time you can also achieve an authentic look with a shop-bought garland.

A nice idea would be to add a little magic by intertwining a run of Christmas led lights in the garland. Some people use candles I would see it as a safer option.

Step 2: Candles

Candles can certainly add a full dimension to the whole design and ensure a cosy feel to the concept. If you light just make there independent of any foliage. Like a Christmas tree, a garland can be tastefully decorated with some nice ornaments and other items. Arranging same is down to personal choice and creative taste. Stand back and take an occasional look at your happy with the finished item. Make sure you have an eye catch piece raised in the centre. This will ensure your stove and the fire that is seen via your stove glass, is drawn into the design.

Step 3: Natural Look

Holly berries are a great way to ensure a natural look to your garland. Coupled with adding a burst of colour to your centre of attention. Maybe hang some decorative baubles, or nestle them within the foliage Its important that the garland is part of the complete decorative package for your room.

Step 4: Finishing touch

To finish off add a touch of spice, lay some cinnamon stick within the foliage or maybe tie an occasional red ribbon. I have seen dried organe slices that have been scented together with dried leaves. Lastly add some dried snow sparingly to get that real Christmas feel.

For all your stove glass needs all year round contact Have a wonderful safe and happy Christmas.

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