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Germany Coal Exit

To comply with the Paris climate agreement, Germany has announced the complete shutdown of all its coal mining and burning activities by the year 2038. The government of Germany after signing the Paris climate agreement, crafted a commission which announced the complete move from the coal dependency in the 19 years’ time frame. Fuel like wood pellets will replace coal. Stoves are now manufactured for domestic use with such fuel. Resulting in increased energy output even the stove glass is cleaner.

According to Ronald Pofella, one of the commission leader declare it to be the historic accomplishment for Germany. The country relies on the coal burning plants for its 40 percent of electricity needs. After the announcement the government will shut down all 84 coal plants across the country.

The commission in its plan also suggest an aid of $45 billion to the affected coal producing regions. The government of Chancellor Angela Markel is more likely to accept the commission plan for the environmental protection. However after the successful execution of this plan, the country will become dependent on the renewable energy to cover all the energy requirements.

The German government has also declared to get rid of all the nuclear plants by the year 2022 so that will results in the complete reliance of the country on the renewable energy sources.

In its report, the berlin based non-profit organization for climate science and policy, Climate Analytics, pointed Germany as the highest gas emitting European Union country. They suggest that if the German government want to meet its Paris climate agreement conditions; it has to phase out the non-renewable resources out of its system by 2030.

Most environmentalists are worried that delaying the coal exit for 2038, would push Germany behind the other leading economies of the European Union.

Germany has finally stepped up to play its role in climate sustenance. Although it could take time however, we should applaud the initiative taken by the government.

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