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To keep indoors warm and cosy, installing a wood burning stove is an excellent choice. It’s got a warm look and a cosy feel too. The entire room looks welcoming and you just love how it adds to the aesthetics of your house. Because the fire can be seen through the stove glass the warmth is seen and felt. However, even though the regulations are perfectly clear, we have seen occasions where people installing stoves have tried to cut the corners and cut costs too which is detrimental to the potential safety of the customer. Unfortunately, installers do not stick to the regulations rigidly.

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The register plate is the vital element of any stove installation and because it is literally a failsafe mechanism that stops the leaked gasses from entering your room. It also effectively collects all the debris which may fall down your chimney to the potential detriment of your stove safety. The vast majority of stove installations will have a flue liner yet, there are some that will not have a flue liner. It is hence very important that the register plate is secure. Using certain combustible materials such as chipboard is not only against the regulations but also dangerous. There needs to be a minimum measurement between these items. For the record all chimneys nowadays in Ireland must be lined. Cost somewhat more but well worth the money.

Poor connections

There are connections between the stove and the flue liner which needs to be secure at all times to ensure that the carbon monoxide is not filtered through the flue and into the atmosphere. It is always a good idea to ensure that these connections are monitored and maintained on a regular basis. If these connections become loose, you are at risk of exposure to carbon monoxide. This dangerous gas cannot be seen with the naked eye and does not have any smell too. However, there have been a number of fatal incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty stove flue liner connections. Regulations state that every stove installation should also include a carbon monoxide alarm. The alarm effectively monitors carbon monoxide levels in the atmosphere and alert those in the vicinity of any potential danger. These poor connections also include cracks in your stove glass. If cracks are noticed replacement stove glass should always be sought.

Building regulations

The installation of a stove may require a sign off from the local authority building control department. Not doing so is illegal and there could be potential complications when you claim your insurance policy. This is exactly why it is essential that your stove is signed off correctly.

It’s important to understand the most common mistakes made while installing the stove, to avoid any mishaps later.

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